Our Innovative Geospatial Solutions

With a unique blend of technical approach and an experienced team specialized in the latest available technologies being used in GIS, surveying and data processing, Transerve has been able to beat the market by offering differentiating deliverables.

The core strength of Transerve lies in the domain of geospatial technology which includes an array of surveying, cartography and mapping, LiDAR and point cloud processing, photogrammetry, aerial photography, geodesy and GIS based solutions. Transerve is at the forefront of technology in this sector. We have developed technologies to map large areas in real time in photo-realistic 3D format. Huge amount of data produced by our technology is being managed through our cloud based solutions.

Transerve has a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, domain experts, analysts and engineers working on solutions to a wide range of environmental, infrastructure, engineering and development problems. We develop customized solutions focusing on adding value to our customers.

Our Portfolio of Services

Cutting-edge Technologies to Solve Challenging Problems

Mobile LiDAR Data Capture

Contact us for a focused vehicle-mounted LiDAR data capture for your project. Available for highways, optical fiber and 3D city requirements.

UAV and Satellite Image Photogrammetry

Solve complex photogrammetry problems by availing our solutions for 2D and 3D data requirements.

Data Acquisition and Processing

UAV/Aerial Imagery, Terrestrial, mobile and airborne LiDAR data acquisition and processing. We offer field-to-CAD services.

Land Records and Cadastre

Integrated workflow for cadastral data management from field-to-office to automate land surveys to title guarantee.

Structural Monitoring and IoT

Avail our modern and precise monitoring and Industrial IoT solutions for your structures. We offer both hardware and data analytics solutions.

Web and Mobile GIS Solutions

Integrate your data with maps and workflows for business applications. Use our enterprise GIS solutions for your business intelligence.

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